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The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz

Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz, PKK Leader by Amy L. Beam

On Jan. 9, 2013, Kurdish activists Sakine Cansız, Leyla Söylemez and Fidan Doğan were all shot in the head execution-style inside the Kurdistan Information Center, Paris office. Cansiz (code name "Sara") was a founding member, along with Abdullah Ocalan, of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey.

They were assassinated on the same day that the Turkish government announced a preliminary ceasefire plan with the PKK. PKK leadership denies there have been any talks outside of a few meetings with Ocalan. The expressions used in the news; "the PKK, will withdraw its forces on such a date”, "there are negotiations at such a place,” or even, "some number of groups to lay down arms" are surely false news and have nothing to do with reality, says the PKK.

On Jan 21, 2013, French police charged a Turkish man named Ömer Güney with the triple murder.

The Turkish government has suggested two possible motives, either an internal PKK feud, which the PKK leadership has denied, or an external country with a vested interest in continuing the armed conflict. This story examines the second motive within a geopolitical, historical, and cultural context to help the reader understand how governments and media produce disinformation to manufacture consensus.

Who wanted Sakine Cansiz eliminated and why?

Click on each link to go to a 2000-word .pdf file. Be patient while it opens.

The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz Part 1: The Crime
The Victims
The Suspect: Omer Guney
Going Viral and the Myth of Mainstream Media Fact-checking
First Comes the Motive, Then Comes the Investigation

The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz Part 2: Kurdish Issue and Free Speech
Internet Designated as an Enemy of the State
Cyber Warriors: Fake Personas and Manufactured Consensus
The Kurdish Issue
Abdullah Ocalan, Kurdish Leader Abducted 1999
CIA's Secret Anti-Terrorist Weapon: Disruption
Peace Talk Strategy by Erdogan Government
PKK and the Humanitarian Law Project: US Supreme Court Outlaws Free Speech

The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz Part 3: US Vested Interests in Turkey
Wikileaks US Embassy Cables Target PKK and Sakine Cansiz
US and Turkey Launch Partnership to Target PKK, 2007
Sakine Cansiz Targeted to Block Money Flow to PKK, 2007
Turkey Asks U.S. for "Kinetic Action" against PKK, 2009
War for Profit: US Offers Reapers to Turkey, 2010
US Supports Turkey in Destroying the PKK: The Roboski Massacre, 2011

The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz Part 4: Omer Guney, Accused Assassin
Examination of three different Facebook pages for Omer Guney. Some speculations, conclusions, and a lot of open questions. If Omer Guney is in jail, then who was changing his Facebook pages?

The Murder Mystery of Sakine Cansiz Part 5: MIT Accused
As of Feb 1, 2013, the day this story was first posted, my Twitter account has come under attack. The hashtag #twitterkurds, which has been reporting news since the Kurdish prisoner hunger strike began in September 2012, is under heavy automated cyberattack by hundreds of "Personas" as written about in Part 2. Yesterday the twitter account of a Swedish parliamentarian came under this attack. On Feb. 6, 2013, EU parliamentarians met to discuss the Kurdish issue and a path toward a ceasefire. The troll is posting photos of dead bodies of PKK in an effort to stop the news and terrorize Kurds. Supporters should add #twitterkurds to their tweets, block the troll, and demand Twitter remove the photos from pic.twitter.

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